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This was a blurb on boingboing, with this dude stonewalling at a deposition. Someone in the comments thread said this would make a good xtranormal movie....so i put this together. Depositions like this are instant comedy, like a college mascot falling down a flight of stairs. Here's a link to the article.



Star Wars Uncut

You remember this project right? Take Star Wars and divide it into 15 second chunks, then invite fans to recreate each piece. Well, they finally finished in April, had a couple screenings, now you can watch the entire movie online. It's awesome. Shades of Hard Ware Wars. Be sure to watch it now, before Lucas comes to his senses.

Key scenes:
• "You're a little short for a storm trooper."
• Millennium Falcon escaping the Death Star.
• "Red 5 standing by.."
• uh, the entire end battle!

LINK to Star Wars Uncut!!



Here's a couple tracks from our old high school band, Spudd. The extra D is for debutante. The first one, "Mall Wenches", is short and sweet, just like them. The "Get the Bait Medley" starts out fine, but then proceeds down 10 Mile Creek, and finally empties out into the Maumee river. Enjoy.


Swedish Subway tunnels

They're like a cross between a Magritte painting and an awesome X-box 360 FPS game.

LINK to photo gallery


dream house

add a rooftop deck and it's perfect.




King of all Hipsters

Here's a clip from Tom Scharpling's THE BEST SHOW ON WFMU. This dude calls in, and what follows amidst the barrage of 70s and 80s pop culture references is quite curious. I was on board through most of it, but later began to think it was all scripted. Either way, it sums up the hipster culture brilliantly. It's about 30 min.

friends of tom.

This was culled from an interesting post that delves deeply into what it means to be a hipster, and why nobody wants to admit to being one.

(full disclosure, I am a hipster.)


g whiliker...

Is this a show? Because it is really weird...


George Meyer Interview

A great interview with George Meyer, one of the writers for the Simpsons. He has been with the show from the beginning and is considered to be the one guy who shaped the show into what it is.

GM: I don’t remember a lot of what I write. I try to release it after it’s out there so that I can be fresh again. I find that the creative side of my brain and the archival side of my brain don’t work well together. When I’ve done my best work, I’ve been in a trance-like state. I write jokes that are more by-the-numbers, but they tend to have a flat, pedestrian quality compared to the dizzying flights of silliness that we occasionally achieve. That said, I’m pretty sure I wrote “Pray for Mojo.” Do you remember that line?

BLVR: Weren’t those the dying words of Homer’s helper monkey?

GM: Uh-huh. It’s almost like an epitaph for Western civilization.

LINK to interview.

Found via this Metafilter thread.