Brits on our mortgage troubles

Telling the truth through humor works way better than the truth by itself. Here's an English take on our sub-prime mortage fiasco.


Hangover cures

The Morning News offers a collection of hangover cures.

This car horn is substantially louder than my '88 Mazda 626, which was more like a suggestion of a horn. I don't care for the indiscriminate use, but it would be sweet when someone cuts you off.


David Deutsch lecture

A very interesting talk by physcist David Deutsch about the nature of our existence.

New Bjork video directed by Michel Gondry

I found these somewhere online: retro equipment porn.


The Onion's video news looks so damn professional...that's why it's doubly funny.

Poll: Mitt Romney Is Candidate Most Voters Want To Get Into Bar Fight With


I've been on a music kick lately and here's where I have been hittin paydirt:
Aurgasm... a great new music blog
Stange Music Videos... via Grüpthink
Robosexual... a music blog.
NPR all songs considered...this is the stuff they play between segments.
Soma FM... been listening to Flaresound and Clip-hop a bit.
Pitchfork...music reviews.
If you don't have outrage fatigue yet, listen to this podcast on the status of the coming police state.


The return of Futurama

Great WIRED article about the return of "Futurama".

If we continued our exploration of various pipes and drains in high-school, we may have approached what this guy has documented.


I love Flat Eric

Flat Eric was the shit back in 1999. He's still the shit if you want my opinion.


Toby Keith shoutout

This is why Family Guy is the best show on TV.



Check out these videos by "Dosh". (click view to the left) This guy linked me to them from last.fm. There's some interesting stuff here.

The Laptop Club

The Laptop Club. Children from 7-9 design their own laptop. My favorite is a button labeled "hamster".



Battle Beasts

I really want to see the video from the voice-over session for this commercial. Including the male singers.


Intelligent Design loses big time

Missing link: “cdesign proponentsists”. I saw this Nova episode last night. All the “cdesign proponentsists” got their comeuppance. Sweet.


We're falling apart

We're falling apart. A NYT editorial on the lack of infrastructure funding.


Cool light/video installation piece.




Laura Branigan guest stars in an episode of Automan...this was pretty typical entertainment back in the day, if I recall.



Charles Bronson and Anthony Geary commercials

Charles Bronson selling some cologne called "Mandom"...

...and Anthony Geary selling Member's Only jackets...



Le Planete Sauvage

Here's a remix of "Le Planete Sauvage", that trippy 70s animated French feature that I first saw in "The Cell".


Apparantly, the Louisville Chamber of Commerce has declared war on Cincinnati. "...a girl with a tattoo on her butt..."? Isn't that pretty much all of 'em now a days?


Best (or worst) Engrish ever

Every six months I come back to this chinese retstaurant menu and see if it's as funny as I remember it.
It is.


The Nietzsche Family Circus

Click here for a random slice of existentialism.

Flexible potato salad

Circus freaks sing about potato salad.



Totally sweet aquarium landscapes by Kim Keever.


Mrs. America Pageant

So I watched a little of the Mrs. America Pageant last week. Hosted by Alan Thicke and Omarosa in beautiful Tucson, AZ. I liked the parade of home-made state-themed costumes; some ladies didn't put much thought into it, sort of like hobbling together a science project the night before. Here are my top 3 favorite contestant names, in random order:

1) Laura Loveberry
2) Susan Sweat
3) Happy Glorioso


Andrew W.K. quote

I really hate Andrew W.K., but I have remembered, then forgotten, then re-remembered this awesome quote describing his upcoming tour:

"We're gonna just throw down and throw out and throw up. We're gonna cross up and lace it out and take a solid stance from which we can form the foundation of an iron cube with a platinum core and diamond edges that can cut anything in our way, yet maintain a certain amount of strength to hold us steady."

(Ozzfest 2002 , interview with EW)


Found Birthday List

Here's a birthday list that my friend Ben found in Pleasant Ridge. Much like my list from 1982, if you change "Halo 3" to "Super Breakout". Click for hi-res version.


List of Army operations in Iraq

Here's the list of Army operations in Iraq . Be sure not to miss "Operation Panther Squeeze" ,"Operation Soda Mountain", or "Operation Grizzly Forced Entry".

David Lynch's cigarette commercial

There's nothing strange about cigarettes....until you let David Lynch direct a commercial for them.


Seventy reasons why Lee Mercer is running for President.
Here 's a few to get you going:

"11. To prove the United States of America has two Presidents and I am one of them Jurisdiction in Eye Spy Community-Military Intelligence (All Three) Government # 1 in Business and Commerce Intelligence National and International."

"22. To prove every person in the United States of America knows me and everybody in the International World knows me too in Business and Commerce intelligence National and International."

"23. To Prove I have solved every crime in the world as it happens from zero to start to finish for every crime done in Business and Commerce Intelligence National and International."


Home Shopping Network flub

Home shopping guy needs eyeglasses.


Tiny dude plays regular flying v, or regular dude plays giant flying v.



The Century of the Self

The Century of the Self is a 4 part BBC documentary and is an eye-opener.
It describes the birth of public relations, marketing, focus groups, etc...and frames these as ways to control democracy. Although it's a fairly one-sided view of the history of psychology, and doesn't mention the role of religion as a factor at all, it's pretty damn powerful. It's sobering to think that all the world turmoil of the 30s is right around the corner when the economy collapses again.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


I totally could've used this when I was 13 and used a tape recorder leaning against the TV to get the latest "Men at Work" video on MTV...


Michael Pollan

If you have a spare hour , please listen to Michael Pollan speaking about the importance of agricultural sustainability and the small, local farmer. (realplayer link). He's a very good speaker, and this is the most compelling argument against "Big Corn" that I've heard.


Interview with David Lynch

Interview with David Lynch.
"Film is so big and heavy and slow, you just die. It's just ridiculous."



After hours party etiquette

After hours party etiquette.
I was never much of a party animal, but this is still entertaining.
What are men good for?


Great article about how people who live in dense urban areas are healthier.


I'm a terrible public speaker. I talk too fast, say the word "basically" alot and umm, wait...actually I may be better than I thought.


Cool photos of abandoned cars at night.
Faceball. Be sure to watch the extremely informative movie. (via)
Here is a interview with my friend Rich, who is a painter and has a show up at Spring Grove cemetery until September. The interview begins about 1/3 into the clip.

The C.I.A.'s Black Sites

The C.I.A.'s Black Sites.
“When you cross over that line of darkness, it’s hard to come back. You lose your soul. You can do your best to justify it, but it’s well outside the norm. You can’t go to that dark a place without it changing you.” He said of his friend, “He’s a good guy. It really haunts him. You are inflicting something really evil and horrible on somebody.”

Nietzsche was right in that regard.


Nation's Soul Is at Stake
"The plaintiffs in the Al-Haramain case include a charity that claims the government illegally wiretapped calls between itself and its lawyers. During the litigation, the government turned over a document that proved, the plaintiffs say, that the charity was indeed surveilled without a warrant. The government claimed the document was classified top secret and asked the plaintiffs to return it. However, the lawyers still remember what the document said. Now the government wants to prevent the lawyers from using their own memories to prove that the charity was indeed monitored and therefore has the right to sue.

The trial court in Oregon ruled in favor of the plaintiff (.pdf), leading the government to appeal. On appeal, Al-Haramain's attorney Jon B. Eisenberg was required to write his appellate brief at government offices and was not permitted to retain a copy of his own document, nor will he be allowed to see the government's reply to his arguments."


When will real life stop imitating the onion?


Ripped horse statue.
Russian car tuners.
Let's hope that the Japanese corporations don't get wise and finally demand to remove awesome content like this.


Here's a rundown of all the latest cassette re-mixes happening. The TDK MA 110's were always tricky...you needed that extra record time, but at the price of having the tape break sometime soon.


Mac’s Convenience Stores

I can't imagine seeing these on the air...it's like David Lynch on Salvia. If you got some time to kill, I recommend watching them all...there's something here to confuse and upset everyone.



More Photoshop© Please

Please stop. You're hurting the internet.

Airplane and Zero Hour

Am I the last guy to find out that "Airplane" was a shot-for-shot rehash of "Zero Hour"?!

(via Andy's blog)
Peanuts by Charles Bukowski.



Slap flash game

Victorian slap fest flash game.
We Have a Very Wealthy Fuckwad Clientele
Yuppie customer: Can we have the tasting menu?
Waitress: You eat everything?
Yuppie customer: Yeah, sure.
Waitress: Gizzard?
Yuppie customer: I'll eat the asshole if you put a tasty sauce on it.
Waitress: We don't serve assholes here.
Yuppie customer: This is New York. How do you stay in business?

--Japanese restaurant

Overheard by: The Professor
via Overheard in New York, Jul 15, 2007
This sums up our state of the union nicely.


The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind may soon come to pass.


Slipstream fiction

So I've been reading some fiction that's sort of Slipstream genre ...who knew that such debates raged. The Wind-up Bird Chronicles and Kafka on the Shore are two recommendations.
This is a collection of shorts, some good, some mediocre...the best was Michael Chabon's "The God of Dark Laughter".


South Park nod to "They Live"

Okay, here's a shot-for-shot breakdown of the South Park "They Live" fight.
Teenage inner monologue.


Digital cinema is coming for you. This would be a perfect venue for a Live Earth-type concert..beam it everywhere at once. I saw Ratatoulli on a digital screen and the best part about the experience was the absence of any commercials. Is this due to the advertisers not investing in a few digital versions of their spots? Or is it because it was a G rated movie?


Biology 1, Terrorism 0

77 drummers circle

So there were these 77 drummers...all in a circle around Yamatsuka Eye of the Boredoms...I have a feeling the video doesn't do the event justice. By the way, the Boredoms were by far the best act at the Lame-a-palooza I attended years ago.


All the firecracker packs...

(Via Plep.)

Live-action Superfriends

I've heard of Solomon Grundy before, but I've never seen him in a live-action-superhero-comedy-hour.
(Via Saturday Morning Blog.)


Article about Chrissie Hynde's new restaurant in Akron. Via Radio Free Newport.

B-movie reviews

Serious timewaster.
This article explains why type looks better on a mac, especially the iPhone.

Here's some quick hits of the Northside 4th of July parade.


A Finnish thriller. Something to do with bowties and the ace of spades. Here.
Minutemen- This Ain't No Picnic
saw this on Daily Jive...had to link also.

We Jam Econo, the Minutemen documentary, is in my netflix queue..


Heartless Bastards

last night with the Heartless Bastards playing a block party on 14th st...

Anderson Cooper + Axl Rose = awesome


Look, We're Just Having a Private Moment at the Top of My Lungs

Big black woman to son: I'm gonna smack you so hard, you're gonna taste it!
Son, wailing: I don't want to taste it!
Passerby: I don't want to taste it either.

--74th St-Roosevelt Ave station

via Overheard in New York, Jun 22, 2007
So I watched "The Good Shepard" last night...in which there was a lot of skull and bones stuff going on. I can't figure out how important this is supposed to be...is it a bunch of grown up frat boys playing games? Or can it be that this is the most powerful secret society ever....what with all the disinformation floating around, who knows.

Newer experiments


My current reel

last night at 1:30am this dude managed to flip his car in front of my house.
What does it mean when a 5 second clip of a prairie dog can capture the entire nation's attention and start a flood of cultural remixes? (I love it anyway...I'm just sayin'.)


The History of America

The History of America is nearing completion?!
This tends to bring the party back down to earth...although Kunstler seems like a bit of a narcissist and an alarmist, there are some realities in this article that can't be ignored.

Your face...

Your face...
...My face.

Stop Raping My Wife

Hi-lite from Chicago...

Okay..., originally uploaded by pepcorn70.

The Codex Seraphinianus

The Codex Seraphinianus. A complete encyclopedia of an alternate reality. It's here if you want to download 150 MB of goodness.