Heartless Bastards

last night with the Heartless Bastards playing a block party on 14th st...

Anderson Cooper + Axl Rose = awesome


Look, We're Just Having a Private Moment at the Top of My Lungs

Big black woman to son: I'm gonna smack you so hard, you're gonna taste it!
Son, wailing: I don't want to taste it!
Passerby: I don't want to taste it either.

--74th St-Roosevelt Ave station

via Overheard in New York, Jun 22, 2007
So I watched "The Good Shepard" last night...in which there was a lot of skull and bones stuff going on. I can't figure out how important this is supposed to be...is it a bunch of grown up frat boys playing games? Or can it be that this is the most powerful secret society ever....what with all the disinformation floating around, who knows.

Newer experiments


My current reel

last night at 1:30am this dude managed to flip his car in front of my house.
What does it mean when a 5 second clip of a prairie dog can capture the entire nation's attention and start a flood of cultural remixes? (I love it anyway...I'm just sayin'.)


The History of America

The History of America is nearing completion?!
This tends to bring the party back down to earth...although Kunstler seems like a bit of a narcissist and an alarmist, there are some realities in this article that can't be ignored.

Your face...

Your face...
...My face.

Stop Raping My Wife

Hi-lite from Chicago...

Okay..., originally uploaded by pepcorn70.

The Codex Seraphinianus

The Codex Seraphinianus. A complete encyclopedia of an alternate reality. It's here if you want to download 150 MB of goodness.