The Nietzsche Family Circus

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Flexible potato salad

Circus freaks sing about potato salad.



Totally sweet aquarium landscapes by Kim Keever.


Mrs. America Pageant

So I watched a little of the Mrs. America Pageant last week. Hosted by Alan Thicke and Omarosa in beautiful Tucson, AZ. I liked the parade of home-made state-themed costumes; some ladies didn't put much thought into it, sort of like hobbling together a science project the night before. Here are my top 3 favorite contestant names, in random order:

1) Laura Loveberry
2) Susan Sweat
3) Happy Glorioso


Andrew W.K. quote

I really hate Andrew W.K., but I have remembered, then forgotten, then re-remembered this awesome quote describing his upcoming tour:

"We're gonna just throw down and throw out and throw up. We're gonna cross up and lace it out and take a solid stance from which we can form the foundation of an iron cube with a platinum core and diamond edges that can cut anything in our way, yet maintain a certain amount of strength to hold us steady."

(Ozzfest 2002 , interview with EW)


Found Birthday List

Here's a birthday list that my friend Ben found in Pleasant Ridge. Much like my list from 1982, if you change "Halo 3" to "Super Breakout". Click for hi-res version.


List of Army operations in Iraq

Here's the list of Army operations in Iraq . Be sure not to miss "Operation Panther Squeeze" ,"Operation Soda Mountain", or "Operation Grizzly Forced Entry".

David Lynch's cigarette commercial

There's nothing strange about cigarettes....until you let David Lynch direct a commercial for them.


Seventy reasons why Lee Mercer is running for President.
Here 's a few to get you going:

"11. To prove the United States of America has two Presidents and I am one of them Jurisdiction in Eye Spy Community-Military Intelligence (All Three) Government # 1 in Business and Commerce Intelligence National and International."

"22. To prove every person in the United States of America knows me and everybody in the International World knows me too in Business and Commerce intelligence National and International."

"23. To Prove I have solved every crime in the world as it happens from zero to start to finish for every crime done in Business and Commerce Intelligence National and International."


Home Shopping Network flub

Home shopping guy needs eyeglasses.


Tiny dude plays regular flying v, or regular dude plays giant flying v.