Brits on our mortgage troubles

Telling the truth through humor works way better than the truth by itself. Here's an English take on our sub-prime mortage fiasco.


Hangover cures

The Morning News offers a collection of hangover cures.

This car horn is substantially louder than my '88 Mazda 626, which was more like a suggestion of a horn. I don't care for the indiscriminate use, but it would be sweet when someone cuts you off.


David Deutsch lecture

A very interesting talk by physcist David Deutsch about the nature of our existence.

New Bjork video directed by Michel Gondry

I found these somewhere online: retro equipment porn.


The Onion's video news looks so damn professional...that's why it's doubly funny.

Poll: Mitt Romney Is Candidate Most Voters Want To Get Into Bar Fight With


I've been on a music kick lately and here's where I have been hittin paydirt:
Aurgasm... a great new music blog
Stange Music Videos... via Grüpthink
Robosexual... a music blog.
NPR all songs considered...this is the stuff they play between segments.
Soma FM... been listening to Flaresound and Clip-hop a bit.
Pitchfork...music reviews.
If you don't have outrage fatigue yet, listen to this podcast on the status of the coming police state.