Cloverfield sucks

So I've been thinking about the movie Cloverfield recently and why it didn't work. I'm comparing it to the Blair Witch Project (BWP), because both movies were supposedly "artifacts" that were found and then shown to us without editing etc.

I liked BWP, mainly because the script kept you in the dark as to what was happening. Yes, we knew that there was a witch, but the teeth in the torn shirt, the screaming in the dark, the bizarre talismans, all contributed to the weirdness, which took the viewer along for the ride. With each new development, we learn a little more about the evil the trio are entering.

With Cloverfield, there is none of that suspense. Once you see the head of the statue of liberty land on the street (which was shown in the very first commercials for the movie) you knew exactly what you were in for. Okay, a monster. And that's all that happens. Various scenes of the monster attacking. Repeatedly. Then it's over. Also, the characters were rich, attractive manhattanites, and I couldn't wait for them to get crushed.

Both movies gave no exposition, no explanation as to how these events happened.* That's okay, but the mystery of BWP draws the viewer deeper, whereas the mystery of Cloverfield is just frustrating. The headache I got from the shakiness in BWP sort of added to the whole experience too, like the movie screwed up my brain, but the headache from Cloverfield was just a headache.

*Before BWP was released, there was an hour-long "documentary" on Sci-fi, which told the story of how this film was recovered,and put it in context with other "historical" documents that shed light into the origin of the witch. I liked this better than the movie!

Shrub as horse thief

A Harper's article which brilliantly illustrates the concept of irony in relation to Bush's presidency.



All the Hulk transformations

I have no way of knowing if this is true or not, but this guy says he listed all the ways in which David Banner turned into the Hulk.

Bad Movie Night

We had a "bad movie night" screening at my house last night. The standout was "Gymkata". Highly entertaining.


Northwest Ohio Female Barbershop Quartet pics

I'm gonna represent some Ohio pride here and give you a selection of pics from a Northwest Ohio Female Barbershop Quartet contest.


Wipeout x3

I love the trend in wipeout videos to replay the crash over and over, each time slower than the last.


I, for one, am grateful for our...

"The 10 PM curfew for all things made of flesh feels a little restrictive to me."

In The Know: Are We Giving The Robots That Run Our Society Too Much Power?


Ten best music videos of 2007

Ten best music videos of 2007. I'm late...I live in Cincinnati, cut me some slack.

During the entire year of 2007, I kept referring to it as 2008. I'm so glad that I'm synched up again.

Modern Houses

Sweet photoset
of southern california modern homes.


80's Consoles

"Consoles I Have Known". I have fond memories of my own Colecovision console, playing hours of Zaxxon, Cosmic Avenger, and Venture.


I'm such a big Lynch fan, that I'm just going to post whatever I find about him.


Sweet animation I've seen the first episode awhile ago, looks like they have another. Click on "watch"

Billboard decapitations.