How To Throw Your Voice

Years ago I found this weird mp3 from Sharpeworld.com (now on permanent hiatus it seems) of some hillbilly instruction on how to throw your voice. I consider this to be one of the major highlights of my surfing career, and you would be wise to download it and listen intently. This is way too good not to share with everyone...please spread the magic.
Some details: it's very long (about 16 minutes) and gets a little repetitive at times, but you have to listen to the end, preferably with some friends and some beers.


How to Throw Your Voice

Here's Jennifer Sharpe's mySpace page. She deserves the credit on this find.


Awesome Burger King commercial

Thanks to Kyle for bringing this awesome Burger King commercial to my attention.


Bigfoot and Wildboy

This show opener is exciting, but I bet you couldn't watch an episode without crying from boredom.


Bert and Ernie death

I sort of remember this segment on Sesame Street.