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I've seen the future...

...and it looks a lot like "Logan's Run"...only in Columbia.

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Absolut Tim and Eric

Supposedly, Absolut vodka hired Zach Galifianakis to do some spots and here's one of 'em...


Thanks, Jeremiah.


J and H Productions

My friend Ralph tipped me off to this phenomenon. Apparently this guy is announcing the startup of a production company with this audio manifesto, which I've been listening to for about 5 minutes and still have no idea what he's talking about.

Here's his MYSPACE PAGE with the stilted rant.

**UPDATE** I didn't watch that movie on there, which points out that whoever made this page is obviously not the guy who made the tape...still funny anyway.


My old SEGA

I was at my brother-in-law's house for easter today, and my nephew and I found the PGA Tour III game I used to have. Top 3 saved golfer names:

1) Dr. Roast
2) oooooo
3) BUTT^Steak (who had the course record of 63 at TPC Sawgrass)

Also, the top three airline names from our Aerobiz game, which would go on for months...

1) StuAir
2) AirLog
3) SkyAss