I had a sickening dream last night about visiting a vegan family.

At one point, the father asks "Who wants to squeeze one out?" Then his young son appears in the living room and starts straining like he's gonnna take a shit. He can't do it.
"Always a trickle from him!" says the father.
So his daughter comes out next and proceeds to strain and low and behold these giant plastic bags of bread come out her ass! Turns out they're so vegan that they figured out a way to use the heat of the body to bake bread internally, and then shit out perfectly formed loaves.
"If you slice the bread completely through the bag, you probably won't get hepatitis."

That's the last time I mix Dewey's pizza with beer and scotch...


Kenny Chesney 2007

Here is a smackerel of some tour graphics we did last year. This was from Kenny's opening show in lovely Omaha.


Tim and Eric - Encounters

Dumb/hilarious jokes

Metafilter has a thread about surprisingly short jokes. Megosteve has got my number...


No Respect

Here's a snippet of a conversation between my brother-in-law and a co-worker:

Co-worker:  "...I work at this place called Lightborne"
Brother-in-law:  "...oh yeah, my brother-in-law works at Lightborne too"
Co-worker:  "Really?  What's his name?"
Brother-in-law:  "I don't know."
So through a description of my person by the co-worker, my brother-in-law learned my name.

Ok, it's not like I just recently married his sister (it will be 13 years this June). It's not like she's his half-sister or step-sister or something. They are blood relatives. He was around when I was dating her back in '93. He was at the wedding. He put a crown in my mouth last year. How is this possible? 


Robot, get up.

It seems the scientists have taken away our final defense against the robots...pushing them over.


Italian Spiderman

This thing doesn't let up for a second. Hilarious.