Here's a couple of links to keep you updated on our region:

Dude sprays women's shoes.

Inventor of the Pringles can is buried in one.


More Italian Spiderman

Episode 1 doesn't disappoint...


Reggie Bannister vs. Powers Booth

I recently watched "Phantasm" the other day, and was shocked and dismayed to learn that Powers Booth was not in it.  Ever since hight school,  I took it for granted that it was he who played "Reggie" in the first two movies...but in fact it was "Reggie Bannister".  C'mon, you see it right?


Foot in mouth?

I was at Barnes and Noble the other day looking at magazines and killing time with my friends Rich and Laura.

Me - Hey check it out. There's a magazine called "I'm Pregnant!" I made a point of saying "exclamation point" after the title too...
We had a good chuckle, I asked if he would like a subscription for his birthday etc..

Then after the laughter subsides, a pregnant lady that was sitting and reading on the bench in front of me quietly stands up, goes to the magazine rack, and returns the very same magazine.

Oh well, it's not like I said anything really bad...which is surprising to say the least.


Chicago Restaurant roundup

I was in Chicago recently and here is my take on a few eateries:

Frontera Grill
-simply awesome...an explosion of flavor, margaritas are exceptional, although I could do without the lady who had the coughing fit...

Milk and Honey
-not bad French toast...mine is better

Star of Siam
-pedestrian, uninspired, I'll give it my lowest rating ever, 7 thumbs up.

Lou Manalti's
-apparently this is the "real Chicago deep dish"...it's pretty good, probably great loaded with sausage and pepperoni

Tempo Cafe
-not much to say about this one...just basic breakfast fare

The Map Room
- great beer drinker's bar with plenty of beards and Belgian brews...I had the Delirium Tremens followed by the Capital porter



...is playing at the Gypsy Hut tonight. I should get off my ass and see them, even though my acid days are over.


Martin Circus (?)

If you can make it through the "Carousel sequence from Logan's Run" you'll be rewarded with some oversized fuzzy slippers, velvet jumpsuits, and a dude with daisy dukes. Oh, and an awesome groove. Thanks, Nate.

People are funny when mad

A friend of mine described a run-in with an irate customer at the car wash he used to work at.

The guy was so upset that he uttered a couple of hilarious phrases:

• 1  "I'm gonna beat your ass in sandals." 

• 2  "I'm gonna punch you in the optics."

If someone said those things to me, I would have been like..."Uh, can we hang out sometime?"