Guess What?

There's been a neighborhood kid going around lately telling everyone he farted. This was a couple of weeks ago, the kid is probably about 8 or 9, old enough to know that he is basically screwing with people. Today I was mowing the lawn and he comes up to me.

"Guess what?"
"I know, you farted. That's awesome...congratulations."

He looks at me with a blank stare and then shuffles off on his scooter.


The World According to Monsanto

I'm still not sure if all the genetically modified food is bad for you, but the way that Monsanto runs it's business leads me to believe that they're up to no good. If you have a spare hour or two check it out...

LINK to video.

More local news

Peeping tom hides the evidence...

Pre-fab houses

My latest wish is for a plot of land in the city and put a cheap pre-fab house on it.
The LVL home is pretty sweet, and only $42,000. Here's a link to a flickr slideshow of an open house.

Clever Homes has some cool designs as well, I like the CH5 model with a courtyard and a rooftop garden. Too bad it's $300,000.

Modern Shed has some small simple designs that would make a sweet backyard.


Garth Marenghi's "Darkplace"

"The Twilight Zone" + "General Hospital" x "Police Squad" = Darkplace


Cincinnati gets street view

I was looking at real estate the other day and noticed that Google street view has finally hit Cincinnati!


Japanese game show 3.0

Not sure if it's a game show, really...maybe just an exhibition.