Oh God, "The Stabilizer" rocks

Okay. So we had another "bad movie night" last night, and it's definitely up there with "Gymkata". "The Stabilizer" is an Indonesian action flick from 1984 which has some very tasteful nude scenes, is littered with expletives, and is so relentless in things blowing up, people getting shot, and cars jumping off ramps,...it's mind-numbing. I decided to share some scenes, and don't for a second think that this is an exhaustive sampling, because this film brings it, and brings it hard.

These are literally the first frames of the movie. I mean, c'mon. I was laughing non-stop from this point.

This scene is timed brilliantly. Love the stock 747 shot too.


This is the takeaway catch-phrase of the movie. Wait for it.

"Just a little anti-American sentiment running around..."

The physics involved with this action sequence are so wrong they're right. Watch the dude on the right when they go back to get the gun..he just smacked his ass!

Oh, If only my conversations were so effortless.

Yeah, I got hit in the head with a bucket...what about it. How about I just jump up and bust yer ass through the floor?

Wait...what? What was that? That's not spit!

What just happened here? There's an explosion, then she carefully lays on the ground?!

Again, wait for it.

I was imagining all sorts of great death scenes for the bad guy, but this wasn't it.


Re: Cephalopod

Matthew Baldwin of Defective Yeti fame, writes for The Morning News.

Here's his most recent piece, a dystopian comedy of errors, with pleny of typos.

Link to Re: Cephalopod


Tomorrow I'm going to the Cincinnati ATP night match...


Some pics...

Apparently we're putting employee photos on our company's website. Here a few, I think I'm going with the car wreck one. Enjoy.


Tracy Morgan - How to be Black

Here's my favorite one liner: "Have you ever broken a puerto rican man's arm for sweatpants money?"


Volvo thinks you're a dumbass

Is there really any way that an intruder can discreetly break into a modern car with a modern security system and wait in the back seat to strangle you? No. The truth is that Volvo can't market this invention the way it is used in real life (e.g. forgetting your baby in the backseat while you get a mani-pedi) because it would imply that people who buy Volvos are jackasses. A couple people have hit on this in the talk around the web too.




Weekend Pussy Hunt etc.

John Kricfalusi, of Ren and Stimpy fame, went on to make some flash webisodes of "Weekend Pussy Hunt" (starring Cigarettes the Cat) in addition to "The Goddamn George Liquor Program". Incidentally, it looks like there may be new episodes of the latter.

John K. also has a blog called "All Kinds of Stuff" where you can keep up to date with his projects.

This one starts off slow, but there's a couple good gags in the middle, one of which involves a part of the body giving birth (it's not the part you think).

"Weekend Pussy Hunt" #1


Veggie Option blog

I stumbled across "The Veggie Option" today. It's pretty easy being a vegetarian in this city, but we could use a few more spots to hang out...I'm glad this blog is around to get the word out.

Patton Oswalt...

...gave a commencement speech at his old high school.

"First off, I want to thank the teachers and faculty of Broad Run High School for first considering and then inviting me to speak here. It was flattering, I am touched and humbled, and you have made a grave mistake."


Congress passes FISA

If I'm not doing anything illegal I have nothing to fear...right?

link to ACLU press release

(quoted below)

“With one vote, Congress has strengthened the executive branch, weakened the judiciary and rendered itself irrelevant,” said Caroline Fredrickson, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. “This bill – soon to be law – is a constitutional nightmare. Americans should know that if this legislation is enacted and upheld, what they say on international phone calls or emails is no longer private. The government can listen in without having a specific reason to do so. Our rights as Americans have been curtailed and our privacy can no longer be assumed.”


South Park - World of Warcraft

I know this is late to the party...but it's still a good one.

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My Green Screen Challenge...

...for Colbert Nation. Befittingly titled "Double McNasty". Enjoy.

Drummer nerd break

Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman were both drummers in Frank Zappa's band...and they're both insane. I saw Chad play in Detroit with Zappa in '87...I don't remember much about that show due to some chemicals, but the drum solo was somethin else. Terry was in "Missing Persons" with his sister Dale, and after that he did some solo stuff. I've never seen anyone play like him.