Elis Regina + Dosh = Cibelle

Elis Regina...pure Braizilan soul.

Dosh's "Calling the Kettle Black"...electronic looping auteur.

Cibelle. Sounds like she's got one mic for singing and one for looping and effects. Plus she's got a great set of pins.

Thanks for the link, Rich!

The Onion has political blog

This is good. Some of their bloggers include "Gary Brunson, a 4-week old fetus" and "Dac Kien, a retired vietnamese torturer".

Link to blog.


My first geocache

My friend Todd and I went geocaching a couple weeks ago. Basically it's like a treasure hunt, only instead of a map you use GPS, and instead of treasure, it's junk. The best booty was a playing card with "Robert" scrawled across it...also, I'm just recovering from the poison ivy I got while we ran around Avon Woods park looking for another cache. So...success!

Did anyone see Beowulf?

I know it was all CG, but I found some raw footage from the shoot somehow. I'm pretty sure this is the party scene right before Grendel shows up.


Bubbles and jazz...

...at a 1000 frames per second. Sort of a follow up to the previous post about things that are automatically awesome.

Bubbles from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.


Minilogue video

You can motion track anything into some handheld footage and it looks awesome. Not to slight this animation, which is cool, but just sayin'.


Get Your War On

"...you wanna impress me, eat a car stereo, or a..a..deep fried encyclopedia..."


VH1 top 20 at Lightborne

They shot this out our 4th floor window...

I've got an attempt at the world record for "being on hold" going on right now...going past 4 hours.


Animation test

...something I was messing with today...

Don Caballero

I saw them last night at Northside Tavern. This clip isn't from that show, but it's one the best sounding ones I could find on youtube. What's weird is the drummer's snare is down by his ankles!