I voted

..the place was Barackin'.


John Hodgman has a new book

Here's a quick interview with "Roger Numbers".


random links

garbage cars Self explanatory.

clusta Sweet design blog.

GOOD -video Political and other short video essays.

Art of the Title Great hi-res movie title sequences. They have a limited selection, though.

Star Wars comes home

You may have seen this already...which proves my point again - anything is cool if it's motion tracked.



Foreign accent database

I can't tell you how many times I hear a weird accent on my morning commute on the subway and want to find out what country they're from. Oh, right...anyway, this is pretty cool. You can even submit one of your own.

All the foreign accents.


Dodgeball group

A bunch of guys from work are into this...maybe a little too into it. Be sure to click on "meet my balls" to get an accurate description of the arsenal.



What I've been watching all week

Really, you can only take Tim and Eric in small doses. The show is so dumb and over the top that it gets me every time. It's like you're falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV, and you have a fever dream that was shot with a tube camera. Oh, and then someone went apeshit with photoshop filters and clip art.

Link to loads of Tim and Eric clips.

Will Forte's "Lazy Horse" mattress commercial

More of the "Lazy Horse" nightmare sequence

Cinco "Facts" machine "Makin' it E-Z!" Why send faxes when you can receive FACTS!