NPR interview with my friend Brian

I was driving back from Nashville today when I heard "...Brian Peshek, a diemaker who's been with Chrysler for 11 years..." and my ears perked up. Brian's been my friend since college, and works in the auto industry...I can't imagine what he's going through right now.

LINK to interview


Bikini Calculus

If you need to prepare for a math test, may I suggest "Bikini Calculus".
Start crammin'.

I stumbled on this whilst perusing the
past slacker gift guides from The Morning News.


Maximum the Hormone

Maximum the Hormone's "Koi no MegaLover" makes me want to hug strangers, and then punch them in the neck.


Chandni Chowk To China

This movie looks pretty entertaining. Like Kung Fu Hustle on Ketamine.

LINK to movie trailer

Also, Deepika Padukone makes Jessica Alba look like a pile of puke.

And, those last two metaphors were almost as bad as this one: "The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't."

bad movie night part trois

This time around it was Ryan's choice of "White Fire". A "French-American-Italian-Turkish thriller", with an incomprehensible plot, nice awkward pauses between dialogue, full-frontal nudity, a chainsaw fight, but strangely, only one car chase...hmm.

Ok, this is the president of the diamond mine. For a brief moment, I thought this was some kind of space movie, what with the fancy sliding doors and super-high-tech scanning room. Maybe the art director read a couple scripts at the same time and got confused.

What naturally follows a bloody chainsaw fight? Boobies.

A little character development, some rifle training, and off-road driving. It's too long and complicated to get into here, but essentially he's dating his sister.

Each character in the story has a particular instrument and a musical theme; Fred Williamson is represented by the mini Moog.

Ok, there appears to be a huge continuity flaw in this scene...see if you can spot it. But no! Actually, it's the director doing his job. Whatever...looks like a mistake.

Wait for it.


meta meta meta: EBERT VS. STEIN

I love this metafilter thread commenting on Roger Ebert's recent smackdown of Ben Stein in relation to some creationsist documentary. This is a great thread for no other reason but the sporadic "evolution" of the phrase:
"I say this on Bad Astronomy the other day, and enjoyed it a lot. Ebert's a pretty smart dude." (sic)

I sap this on Bad Astronomy the other day, and enjoyed it a lot. Ebert's a pretty smart dude.

I sag this on Bad Astronomy the other day, and enjoyed it a lot. Ebert's a pretty smart dude.

A pretty bad smart astronomy dude says the other day, 'Ebert on this. And I enjoyed it a lot.

I was this on Sad Astronomy the other way, and unfolded it a dot. Ebert's a pretty start frood.

I sat this on Sad Astrology the mother way, and unfolded it a dot. Peebert's a pretty stamp froot.

LINK to thread


New Deerhoof

Okay, the video is really nothing special, sort of a feel-good trip down memory lane, but It's well executed...and I'm a huge Deerhoof fan (paid $20 to see them do 2 songs...I was late).


Little Dragon

gets with some chocolate company for a sweet spot. 

Here's the music video for the song "Fortune".

NEW Egyptian HULK

Let's see my HULK checklist here...

1) can bend coins with his eye
2) has sex 15 times a day with each of his 4 wives
3) is prohibited from working (due to his enormous strength)
4) drinks melted butter and eats raw mutton
5) has never slept a night in his life