Really, really, good compositing

I guess the demands of a weekly TV show, with scripts that require a worldwide shot list, necessitated that most of these shots be composites...and you can't tell.



worst street names...ever

Yeah, just meet me at the corner of 3rd ave and 6th st.

LINK to google maps Hickory, NC


The Vat-Grown Meat Revolution

I know it sounds like a post-modern novel, but this article raises some interesting points about how this new food will change our lives. To Summarize:

1) More Healthy
2) Cheaper
3) More Humane
4) Better for the environment

LINK to article.


Playstation 1.0, how I love thee

I like this thread where people talk about their first experiences with the original Playstation...

I remember fondly getting one after thanksgiving in '95, and then being utterly consumed with Metal Gear Solid. My lovely wife can still remember the dialogue and music (after being forced to listen to it for ages).
Liquid - "You're out of time! It's going to blow!"
(punch, punch, kick)


Taybor Tobacco

A little experiment...


Atari Ballblazer

I remember thinking "this is the ultimate...there's no way they can make a game better than this..." (probably because of the kickass bass line in the musical intro).



Ain't we a pair, raggedy man.

Röyksopp 'This Must Be It' from Röyksopp on Vimeo.


Japanese creepy/funny MRI

I'll say it again: We're years behind the Japanese when it comes to entertaining TV.


Flip the dining table game

Finally! And just in time for Thanksgiving too.



Battle of the Network Stars "77

If you can sit through this intro, you will have some valuable insights into my psyche.


The Love Police

Actually, I'm very surprised they weren't beaten and arrested.



Black Moth Super Rainbow - Tooth Decay

Hot off the presses...

Cycling with the Germans

How can this be completely lame and totally sweet at the same time?


ticketed for excessive awesomeness

A woman noticed this on her bike in Toronto...I like the random(art)ness big cities give you.

LINK to torontoist.com article



Which one isn't a magazine?

Well, I scored pretty bad on this quiz...probably due to the fact that I've seen magazines titled: "I'm Pregnant!", "Crappie", and "Varmint Masters".

Score: 27% (4 out of 15)

LINK to Which one isn't a magazine?


low...ri....der...is a little higher.

My lowrider is finally done, after some sweat and run-in with a criminal enterprise (masquerading as a bike store).


In the Know

"...if we start using Griffins we're no better than the terrorists."

Is Using A Minotaur To Gore Detainees A Form Of Torture?


Emails from an Asshole.

This isn't trolling...it's an art form.

"I added $50 for you trying to haggle me. I'll remove this $50 haggling fee if you let me break an empty vodka bottle over your head."

LINK to Emails from an Asshole.

amazing Yoga video


ways to be cool

click for large version


Detroit is evolving

Usually when you think of Detroit you think of abandoned properties and rust-belt decay. But it seems that there is a quiet revolution going on...starting with the "Powerhouse".

LINK to Powerhouse Project

There's also a blog, which is an interesting read...

LINK to Powerhouse Blog



Their prolific double album, "Double Nickels on the Dime" turns 25 this month. This record was my anthem in high school. I never saw them live; I did see "fIREHOSE", the band Mike Watt formed after D. Boon died, at the Southgate house in 1989. Here is a huge thread from BoingBoing:

LINK to Double Nickels on the Dime by the Minutemen turns 25

I also stumbled upon this user on youtube, who is uploading all SST stuff. SST was the label that Greg Ginn (Black Flag) founded, and my youth was spent listening to Hüsker Dü, Black Flag, and the Minutemen. I learned to play bass by figuring out the bass lines on these albums. Also, I am old.

LINK to Our Band could be Your Life


The world is changing around us

Due to all the global warming/pollution, there seems to be a shift in equalibrium between populations of vertebrates and non-invertebrates. Not convinced? Just look at Red Lobster's new entree: Jellyfish appetizer with a savory cyanobacteria sauce.

we're eating all the fish

more invertebrates

again with the jellyfish

mysterious algae blooms

global warming leads to dead zones leads to algae blooms

creepy swarm of bacteria-loving worms


Modest business proposal

did he just say "jello puddin pop, flippity flop, call me back muthafucka I'll slap yo ass..."?


Michael Bay finally...

...made an art movie. One of the most hilarious film reviews I've read.

And every single performance is so ridiculous that it looks down on "over the top" as if from a great height. It's the part of your brain that thinks it would be awesome to see robots with giant dangling testicles, or hot chicks turning into robot tentacle monsters, or "ghetto" robots that talk in inept hip-hop slang and smash each other playfully, or funny Jewish men who talk about their "schmear" and randomly strip to their G-strings. Is that going too far?

LINK to Transformers movie review

Fisheye photos

This is a seriously cool effect...



...that is all.


Black Moth Super Rainbow

I'm way into them for the same reason I like Boards of Canada...kind of beautiful darkness to their sound. I saw them last night and took some video of their wacky visuals...

This is the video for "Sun Lips", which is bittersweet and maybe has subtle Buddhist undertones? (death is a part of life...discuss)

They also showed this clip, taken from a movie called "Street Trash", which has no redeemable properties whatsoever, and was part of my High-School-crap-horror-movie-education program. Seriously...watch at yer own risk.


Very, very bad demo songs

This guy runs an indie record label and has a backlog of terrible submissions by eager musicians. Click on the link below...

Mind-Melting Demo Disasters



click on image for larger view

N.A.S.A. "A Volta"

Quay brothers meet Daft Punk meet Scarface. My jaw is still open...

The "making of" cleverly hides any hint at how they did it. Although, it may have been entirely CG.


Bendito Machine episode 3

Enigmatic, twisted, simple and compelling.

click the link below...the older episodes are available to watch too.


District 9

I've seen bits and pieces of a realistic sci-fi scenario involving alien refugees for years now. This clip is from 2006...

It seems there's finally a movie getting made.


Plug-In America

Plug-In America is my colleague's concept to raise awareness for electric vehicles, meet some great people, and create an awesome documentary. He needs money to accomplish his goals. Please donate whatever you can!


Netflix local favorites

No, not the remake, the original. I mean It's a great movie and all, but at the number 1 spot? What does that say about our fair city? I'm not sure.


Tweet Twits

There's a fine line between regular tweets and TWEETING TOO HARD.


Vacation Part 1 - Deerhoof

First up was a whirlwind trip to Chicago on May 7 to see my favorite band Deerhoof play at the Bottom Lounge. They have a childlike joy to their music, even when they're rocking heavy duty. The show was great, even if the guy in front of me thought he was at a Arsenio Hall taping. By the way, their drummer, Greg, is totally insane on a two piece kit. 

Here's some crappy short videos, with a link to some equally crappy photos.

LINK to slideshow


K and K Mimes

Get ready to get catapulted to a new dimension of worship.

Be sure to watch the flash intro (courtesy of Michael Bay) for their website...


Futurama mashups

In the "Bender's Game" DVD extras, there is a DNA combiner of various characters. Pretty much anything that you mix with Zoidberg, Hypnotoad, Bender, or Farnsworth is gold.



...this has been the catchphrase at work for the past week.


Revolutionary new video game

Hot New Video Game Consists Solely Of Shooting People Point-Blank In The Face

Also, BOBBIE BATISTA NOW WORKS FOR THE ONION??? We've finally completed our trip around the mobius strip of reality which began when Brian Unger left the daily show for MSNBC.

My NCAA office pool record is...

...1 for 10. So in the past ten years I've lost $50, today I won $45. Totally worth it.


more restaurant FAIL

My friend saw this and noticed the pair of purple "panties" in every glass...but I disagree, they're more like tighty whities, or some kind of grandma britches.


Jean Robert at Pigall's - FAIL

This was the front door of his now defunct restaurant on 4th street. Looks to me like a completely different type of establishment. Huh? Ah? Nudge nudge wink wink?


the BEST LP cover art

Add yer caption in the comments...I'll get you started:

1) "God I hate long division..."

2) "Did you take your shoes off? Because something smells."

3) "Hmmm...what rhymes with 'rim-job'?"


All Aboard the Freedom Train

RE: get off yer ass

Dear Sirs,

Upload the skit where Neil Diamond and Bigfoot shill for their new duet album "All Aboard the Freedom Train." You can do it NBC, you fuckers.

Warm Regards,


Apparently the desire to see this clip reached a threshold and convinced some dude to rummage through his old VHS cassettes...here it is!

big ups to BigHutch!

all the Knight Rider turbo boosts

Not once did I see Michael wearing a seatbelt. And, since you already have a metal band name from the Mack Bolan post, now you have readymade tour visuals...just need to learn how to play.



Roku box rocks

I bought one of those Netflix TV boxes ...it's friggin' sweet as Peter Griffin would say.

The compression on the movies is pretty good too. The only time I saw it really struggle was on very dark, shadowy or smoky subject matter. Otherwise, looks better than broadcast to me.

Yesterday I watched a little bit of "Silver Streak", which sucks so I had to turn it off....a movie called "SixtyNine" no, not a porno, but a thai film noir which was awesome...and started Spiderman 3, which kinda sucks so far as well.

Okay, so it looks like I'll have to choose more wisely, right? Wrong! It doesn't matter what I put in the queue..it's all FREE and UNLIMITED (with a netflix account)...so if it sucks, just move on to something else!


Mack Bolan!

In the days before first person shooters, boys actually had to go out and buy toy guns, and live the action themselves. Or you could subscribe to the "military porn" of pulp fiction, namely any book written by Don Pendleton and his underlings. I did both. I got a book a month in the Mack Bolan executioner series of milporn, which consisted of graphic descriptions of guns, explosions, and people's heads turning to red mist.

I put some of the cover art into a slideshow, and you can see how easily any book title could be a death metal band name. I especially like the covers which show Mack and his lady friend of the moment fighting side by side...cause you know...chicks and guns.

Oh, and I just finished Halo 2 (finally), Bioshock, and am in the middle of Half Life 2 (finally). Thanks, Amy and Rob!

LINK to slideshow


Japan is alive...

...and I will stop trying to decipher your commercials.


Space 1999

I have very fuzzy memories of this show, but one thing I do remember was that the design was pretty cool...sort of like the design for "2001". I stumbled on this huge cache of screen grabs of every episode. Sweet.
LINK to Season 1 images
LINK to Season 2 images


Hack a road sign

Let's get busy people. LINK to hacking tutorial. By the way, that's a felony.


Michael Pollan on TED

Okay, my friends are probably sick of me tootin' this guy's horn, but this talk will make you understand why I like what he has to say so much.


Erin Gray

I don't know how it happened but two of my boyhood fantasies have collided. Sheena Easton sings to a montage of Erin Gray (from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century). This guy won't let me embed...click the link.



How I see the world

I swear I saw these two signs on my recent travels. Granted, I was driving both times which may account for my temporary dyslexia.