more restaurant FAIL

My friend saw this and noticed the pair of purple "panties" in every glass...but I disagree, they're more like tighty whities, or some kind of grandma britches.


Jean Robert at Pigall's - FAIL

This was the front door of his now defunct restaurant on 4th street. Looks to me like a completely different type of establishment. Huh? Ah? Nudge nudge wink wink?


the BEST LP cover art

Add yer caption in the comments...I'll get you started:

1) "God I hate long division..."

2) "Did you take your shoes off? Because something smells."

3) "Hmmm...what rhymes with 'rim-job'?"


All Aboard the Freedom Train

RE: get off yer ass

Dear Sirs,

Upload the skit where Neil Diamond and Bigfoot shill for their new duet album "All Aboard the Freedom Train." You can do it NBC, you fuckers.

Warm Regards,


Apparently the desire to see this clip reached a threshold and convinced some dude to rummage through his old VHS cassettes...here it is!

big ups to BigHutch!

all the Knight Rider turbo boosts

Not once did I see Michael wearing a seatbelt. And, since you already have a metal band name from the Mack Bolan post, now you have readymade tour visuals...just need to learn how to play.



Roku box rocks

I bought one of those Netflix TV boxes ...it's friggin' sweet as Peter Griffin would say.

The compression on the movies is pretty good too. The only time I saw it really struggle was on very dark, shadowy or smoky subject matter. Otherwise, looks better than broadcast to me.

Yesterday I watched a little bit of "Silver Streak", which sucks so I had to turn it off....a movie called "SixtyNine" no, not a porno, but a thai film noir which was awesome...and started Spiderman 3, which kinda sucks so far as well.

Okay, so it looks like I'll have to choose more wisely, right? Wrong! It doesn't matter what I put in the queue..it's all FREE and UNLIMITED (with a netflix account)...so if it sucks, just move on to something else!