Netflix local favorites

No, not the remake, the original. I mean It's a great movie and all, but at the number 1 spot? What does that say about our fair city? I'm not sure.


Tweet Twits

There's a fine line between regular tweets and TWEETING TOO HARD.


Vacation Part 1 - Deerhoof

First up was a whirlwind trip to Chicago on May 7 to see my favorite band Deerhoof play at the Bottom Lounge. They have a childlike joy to their music, even when they're rocking heavy duty. The show was great, even if the guy in front of me thought he was at a Arsenio Hall taping. By the way, their drummer, Greg, is totally insane on a two piece kit. 

Here's some crappy short videos, with a link to some equally crappy photos.

LINK to slideshow