Michael Bay finally...

...made an art movie. One of the most hilarious film reviews I've read.

And every single performance is so ridiculous that it looks down on "over the top" as if from a great height. It's the part of your brain that thinks it would be awesome to see robots with giant dangling testicles, or hot chicks turning into robot tentacle monsters, or "ghetto" robots that talk in inept hip-hop slang and smash each other playfully, or funny Jewish men who talk about their "schmear" and randomly strip to their G-strings. Is that going too far?

LINK to Transformers movie review

Fisheye photos

This is a seriously cool effect...



...that is all.


Black Moth Super Rainbow

I'm way into them for the same reason I like Boards of Canada...kind of beautiful darkness to their sound. I saw them last night and took some video of their wacky visuals...

This is the video for "Sun Lips", which is bittersweet and maybe has subtle Buddhist undertones? (death is a part of life...discuss)

They also showed this clip, taken from a movie called "Street Trash", which has no redeemable properties whatsoever, and was part of my High-School-crap-horror-movie-education program. Seriously...watch at yer own risk.


Very, very bad demo songs

This guy runs an indie record label and has a backlog of terrible submissions by eager musicians. Click on the link below...

Mind-Melting Demo Disasters



click on image for larger view

N.A.S.A. "A Volta"

Quay brothers meet Daft Punk meet Scarface. My jaw is still open...

The "making of" cleverly hides any hint at how they did it. Although, it may have been entirely CG.


Bendito Machine episode 3

Enigmatic, twisted, simple and compelling.

click the link below...the older episodes are available to watch too.


District 9

I've seen bits and pieces of a realistic sci-fi scenario involving alien refugees for years now. This clip is from 2006...

It seems there's finally a movie getting made.


Plug-In America

Plug-In America is my colleague's concept to raise awareness for electric vehicles, meet some great people, and create an awesome documentary. He needs money to accomplish his goals. Please donate whatever you can!