Really, really, good compositing

I guess the demands of a weekly TV show, with scripts that require a worldwide shot list, necessitated that most of these shots be composites...and you can't tell.



worst street names...ever

Yeah, just meet me at the corner of 3rd ave and 6th st.

LINK to google maps Hickory, NC


The Vat-Grown Meat Revolution

I know it sounds like a post-modern novel, but this article raises some interesting points about how this new food will change our lives. To Summarize:

1) More Healthy
2) Cheaper
3) More Humane
4) Better for the environment

LINK to article.


Playstation 1.0, how I love thee

I like this thread where people talk about their first experiences with the original Playstation...

I remember fondly getting one after thanksgiving in '95, and then being utterly consumed with Metal Gear Solid. My lovely wife can still remember the dialogue and music (after being forced to listen to it for ages).
Liquid - "You're out of time! It's going to blow!"
(punch, punch, kick)