The Vat-Grown Meat Revolution

I know it sounds like a post-modern novel, but this article raises some interesting points about how this new food will change our lives. To Summarize:

1) More Healthy
2) Cheaper
3) More Humane
4) Better for the environment

LINK to article.


Rob Ireton said...

Interesting, but I see some problems as well. It assumes we know 100% what's supposed to be in meat and are capable of adding it all in. I don't think that it's at all clear that this is the case. If in-vitro meat was able to displace meat from CAFOs, that would be great, but unless we continue raising some farm animals on pasture to eat, cows and chickens and maybe pigs would go extinct. Also, where does the energy to create the meat come from? If it's ultimately from fossil fuels, then that is a big problem. Most of the corn and soy we grow depends on fossil fuels.

Dave said...

All valid points. I suspect the fossil fuel used to raise 1000lbs of beef the conventional way is still more than that used to grow 1000lbs in a vat.
I tend to agree that a small, organic farm that maintains a diverse array of plants/animals (where the animal droppings are used to fertilize the crops) is a pretty sane and sustainable way to go.