Mack Bolan!

In the days before first person shooters, boys actually had to go out and buy toy guns, and live the action themselves. Or you could subscribe to the "military porn" of pulp fiction, namely any book written by Don Pendleton and his underlings. I did both. I got a book a month in the Mack Bolan executioner series of milporn, which consisted of graphic descriptions of guns, explosions, and people's heads turning to red mist.

I put some of the cover art into a slideshow, and you can see how easily any book title could be a death metal band name. I especially like the covers which show Mack and his lady friend of the moment fighting side by side...cause you know...chicks and guns.

Oh, and I just finished Halo 2 (finally), Bioshock, and am in the middle of Half Life 2 (finally). Thanks, Amy and Rob!

LINK to slideshow

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