more restaurant FAIL

My friend saw this and noticed the pair of purple "panties" in every glass...but I disagree, they're more like tighty whities, or some kind of grandma britches.


Anonymous said...

"Henke Wine, small batch wine so personal, we strain each glass through our own underpants. I think you can take that personal touch in each glass. "

Anonymous said...

mmmm, this wine has subtle floral notes with lovely overtones of strawberries and apple that finishes with a hint of sweaty ball sack and pubes.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you name sounded like something you blow your nose into, would you use that for the name of a food or drink product?
I wouldn't.

Of course if I were making wine, I would want the label to be something that looked good on the box. Everyone knows, box wine is the wave of the future.

Just Sayin' said...

3 anonymous JACKASSES.