Chicago Restaurant roundup

I was in Chicago recently and here is my take on a few eateries:

Frontera Grill
-simply awesome...an explosion of flavor, margaritas are exceptional, although I could do without the lady who had the coughing fit...

Milk and Honey
-not bad French toast...mine is better

Star of Siam
-pedestrian, uninspired, I'll give it my lowest rating ever, 7 thumbs up.

Lou Manalti's
-apparently this is the "real Chicago deep dish"...it's pretty good, probably great loaded with sausage and pepperoni

Tempo Cafe
-not much to say about this one...just basic breakfast fare

The Map Room
- great beer drinker's bar with plenty of beards and Belgian brews...I had the Delirium Tremens followed by the Capital porter

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