Local celebrity sighting

So we were in Yellow Springs today, and I took my camera because, ya just never know what you'll come across. In the back of my mind I knew that Dave Chappelle lives there, and wouldn't it be great if we ran into him and were able to have our picture taken with him.
We had lunch at the "Winds", which was great, and just as we were leaving the restaurant, who should be strolling towards us but Dave. Looking back on it, he was smoking and looking everywhere but at us...probably for fear of exactly what happened next.

"Hey Dave!"
"Hey, uh can I get a picture with you?"
"...nah, man."
"Oh. Ok."
(mumbles something incomprehensible)

Later, I remembered he hated fame and celebrity, and that was why he likes to live in Yellow Springs...to avoid people like me.

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