NEW Egyptian HULK

Let's see my HULK checklist here...

1) can bend coins with his eye
2) has sex 15 times a day with each of his 4 wives
3) is prohibited from working (due to his enormous strength)
4) drinks melted butter and eats raw mutton
5) has never slept a night in his life


Kyle said...

What an elaborate bullshit scheme to not work. Lazy bastard.

Anonymous said...

I just drank some butter and asked Laura if I could have some more wives so I could have sex more often and all that happened was that I got slapped and then I shit my pants.
I don't think Allah likes me.

HULK said...

Ok--everyone knows that Egyptian coins are weak as crap. Those wives looked miserable. Melted butter and mutton is the same diet as those TLC 600 pound people and they can't do shit. And being too strong is not a disability...trust me I would have heard it by now...